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About Hype Sri Lanka

Development of youth is globally recognized as a necessary step for achieving universal sustainable development. The process of youth development requires the presence of an effective youth empowerment mechanism. The existing movements for youth empowerment focus on grass roo find bride review t level mobilization and community level service. Though this is quintessential to develop the youth population, attention must also be directed towards fixing systematic issues related to the youth empowerment process of a country and a region.

Ergo HYPE Sri Lanka is revolutionizing the conventional approach to youth empowerment, and introducing the concept of ‘Youth Empowerment Incubation’ to the world.

What is ‘Youth Empowerment Incubation’?

Youth Empowerment Incubation is streamlining the youth empowerment system of a country so as to enable a more effective youth development process.

Hence HYPE Sri Lanka is the country’s first ever youth empowerment incubator. The guiding principles find bride review of HYPE Sri Lanka is as follows.

Why is Youth Empowerment Incubation (YEI) Important?

The youth population of the world currently stands at 1.2 bn (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs). The empowerment of this population requires a sustainable approach which looks at Youth Development as a wholistic concept. This is where Youth Empowerment Incubation (YEI) comes is essential.


Catalyst for inclusive and sustainable youth development.


Facilitate youth concentric development as a means of achieving an inclusive and sustainable human existence


Objective 01 – Enable top level youth development.

Objective 02 – Act as a nexus which creates inter-stakeholder links in the youth infrastructure of the country.