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National Status Review on the Protection of Human Rights of the Youth of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s youth population continues to be excluded from policy formulation and decision-making platforms, and these issues are ever increasing due to the present state of the national crisis. There is a turbulent socio-economic reality in addition to general loss of faith in a stable future among the youth. HYPE Sri Lanka presents this report as an alternative civil society organization report for the Fourth Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review 2022, where political, civil, cultural, social, economic and environmental human rights of the youth are given detailed focus. Moreover, there are several key recommendations for the protection of youth rights in order to create human development inclusive and promotive systems.

Following are the sources that were utilized for the report:

Primary data collected through consultations at “The Youth SDG Localisation Lab and Conversation on the Voluntary People’s Review for Sri Lanka 2022”
Previous alternative stakeholder reports submitted by state and non state actors to the previous Three Universal Period Review Cycles.
Desk research where we reffered to secondary literature such as newspaper reports, research by academics and other online publications.

This report is a sector specific report
where we focused on youth and human rights, the first of its kind in the country. It will be utilized as an input document for all future policy engagements of HYPE Sri Lanka and will also be sent across to key state and non-state actors working on youth and human rights in Sri Lanka in order to take forward actions based on the recommendations provided

HYPE Sri Lanka values further contribution from the youth of Sri Lanka regarding any of the provisions in the report. If you wish to comment, please drop us an email on

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