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Rapporteur Report of the First Dialogue Circle Organized by Gota-go-Gama together with Citizens Mandate Hype Sri Lanka

This document is a rapporteur report where we focused on gathering public opinion on the topic “From Saviors to Systems: How can we counter identity politics to promote a policy based voting culture in Sri Lanka?”. The discussion further involved the participants sharing various ideas and recommendations for policy alternatives related to various issues identified with regard to the topic in concern which was then incorporated into a policy brief. It will be utilized as an input document for all future policy engagements of HYPE Sri Lanka.
Having recognized such issues, the following recommendations were proposed:

  • Encourage civil participation in Sri Lanka’s decision-making processes by informing the public about the current status of projects undertaken by the government, as well as bt ensuring that the citizens are financially stable.
  • The servitude mindset of citizens should be transformed in such a way that they will not consider politicians to be ‘idols’ or ‘kings.’ Religious organization, media and schools must play a crucial role in regards to creating awareness of the power of the people.
  • Including the importance of institutions and proper systems in Civic education starting from grade 6 onwards.
  • Improve elements of the system such as the Judiciary in order to strengthen the achievement of accountability.
  • Right to Life should be recognized as a fundamental right under the Constitution of Sri Lanka.
  • Introduce policies which make it compulsory to audit assets owned by politicians and fine them if found to be corrupt.
  • Transform the education system of Sri Lanka through short-term and long-term reforms in order to produce informed individuals who make critical and mindful socio-political decisions.
  • Create solid policies for the betterment of the country rather than following the policies based on the ideology of the ruling party of the government.

Following are the sources that were utilized for the report:

  • Primary data collected through Gota-Go-Gama College dialogue circle with Citizens Mandate Hype Sri Lanka which served as a mini-Citizens Mandate session.
  • A few secondary data through desk research.

HYPE Sri Lanka values further contribution from the youth of Sri Lanka regarding any of the provisions in this report. If you wish to comment, please drop us an email on

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