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A Report on the Reforms Needed to Counter Bullying in Sri Lanka

In May 2020 Chokolaate conducted a series of Online Instagram Live Sessions titled “Behind the Mask: Aiming for a Better Tomorrow” for it’s second consecutive year, in collaboration with Hype Sri Lanka. This campaign was founded in 2019 with the aim of increasing mental health awareness amongst the four million youth population of Sri Lanka during the Mental Health Awareness Month. This year’s talks focused on the prevalence of bullying in various forms within Sri Lankan society and its negative impact on mental health of those who experience it. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Behind the Mask 2020 was a fully digital campaign conducted on social media. Hype Sri Lanka partnered with Chokolaate in order to rapporteur this event and to consequently evaluate the findings from the discussions, with the aim of presenting solutions to the identified issues deliberated during the campaign.

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