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About Project Nexus

Sri Lanka hosts a wide spread of youth network which branches out across the island, and contains both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders. This system and infrastructure has been recognized for its efforts and impact in the field of youth development. However, the need for strengthened collaborations between youth organisations has been identified as a pressing need, which is essential to reap the optimum benefits of the existing system and infrastructure.

Hence HYPE Sri Lanka, which functions under an objective of acting as a facilitator of partnerships and networking amongst the stakeholders of the country’s youth system, has embarked upon a venture known as “Project Nexus”

Inter Cluster

Inter cluster networking amongst organizations
Inter Cluster

Intra cluster networking amongst organizations
Inter Cluster Local and Foreign

Inter cluster networking amongst organizations and foreign youth organizations
Intra Cluster Local and Foreign

Intra cluster networking amongst organizations and foreign youth organizations

Through such goals, the projects seeks to unite organizations within and outside of Sri Lanka, in organizing youth development initiatives. It is the belief of HYPE Sri Lanka that Project Nexus will

Facilitate a better distribution of scarce resources amongst youth development ventures

Reduce the repetition of similar initiatives targeted towards the same audience

Diversify the concentration of focus from trending socio-economic issues to neglected causes

Encourage youth empowerment incubation

Step 1.


Register with HYPE Sri Lanka by filling in the google form or by registering through our online portal

Step 2


Share any present needs for partnerships for existing or future projects of your organization

Step 3

Be connected

Be connected with other organizations that would like to join your initiative or join the projects of other organizations that you are interested in

Step 4


Execute the project together with organization you partnered with

Step 5


Reengage with Project Nexus

Connect with the Nexus

Join or Partner with Project Nexus

If you are an organization or individual who is willing and able to lend a hand towards a project executed by a local or international youth organization, you can connect with change-makers by registering with us through Project Nexus.


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