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The Youth Public Proposal on Potential Reforms to the Electoral System and Election Laws of Sri Lanka

The intention of Hype Sri Lanka in this youth public proposal is to critically evaluate the existing electoral system in Sri Lanka in the most comprehensive manner and offer useful proposals for a holistic restructuring of this system and associated laws. Seeing as though the public was requested to send proposals for election law reforms, the mandate of this paper extends to all important elements of an election namely; the boundary delimitation process, the need for legislative and comprehensive change to promote better representation and to incentivise minority and disenfranchised populations to contest in elections, the election process in the registration and voting aspects, the campaign funding and relevant dispute resolution mechanisms and the possible alternative electoral systems in both the Parliamentary levels and the Local Authority Levels.

The final report was presented to the Select Committee of Parliament to Identify Appropriate Reforms to the Election Laws and the Electoral System, on the 19th of June 2021.

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