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What is Hyper-r-Active?

Interest in intellectual discussion is a salient feature of the present youth population. In an attempt to foster productive dialogue on pressing socio-economic and political realities both locally and internationally, HYPE Sri Lanka is introducing a youth blog and quarterly magazine/newsletter known as “Hype-r-Active”. It’s main purpose is to act as a platform for youth writers to express their views and opinions on issues pertaining to the youth.

HyperActive blog will consist of two parts,

Comprehensive updates on current events happening in the world/Sri Lanka related to the youth and any HYPE Sri Lanka programme.
Analytical and intellectual essays on issues pertaining to youth issues.

Join the Hype-r-Active team today!

Editor in Chief

Minul Muhandiramge
To get in touch with Hype-r-Active contact Minul at +94 714 870 788 or drop an email to

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